Quality SOP

Our Quality SOP starts at the beginning of our supply chain & all the SOPs comply with Zero Tolerance to Defects.

To the extent possible, we apply ‘Poka Yoke’ – a mechanism in LEAN Manufacturing Process that helps an operator to avoid mistakes.

Following are the list of SOPs maintained at our factory-

1.Fabrics inspection SOP

2.Shade band procedure

3.Fabrics process before cutting

4.Trim and accessories inspection SOP

5.Garments pattern making SOP

6.Fabrics relaxation, spreading & cutting procedure SOP

7.Sewing quality procedure

8.Garments measurement SOP

9.Needle controlling SOP

10.Sharp edge controlling SOP

11.Button pull test SOP

12.Button pinch setting SOP

13.Metal detection SOP

14.Mold prevention SOP

15.Finishing SOP

16.Quality control manual or SOP