Product Safety

It is the liability of the manufactures to ensure that the garments they manufacture are SAFE for its consumers. This is done during a number of phases including designing, raw material sourcing, process layout, manufacturing & advertising.

Unlike the nutrition facts on the back of our favorite foods, clothing doesn’t come with a conveniently itemized list of ingredients. Instead as many as 2,000 different chemicals are used in the textile industry, from dyes to transfer agents in fashion manufacturing

many of which contain known carcinogens and hormone disruptors

are kept undisclosed and hiding within the fibers of the industry’s most sought out styles.

By being more aware of what we are putting on our bodies, we can reduce exposure to   unhealthy compounds.

Unsafe Garment can cause serious and often life threatening injuries. This can include but not limited to –

Skin Rashes

Skin Cancer

Choking Injuries

Environmental Hazards

Other Long Term Diseases

At CLO Designs Ltd we realize importance of Product Safety, so to the extent possible we monitor & control following major areas though Chemical & Analytical testing at accredited labs (SGS, BD, Intertek, TuV SuD etc) & conformity certificates of the suppliers –

Raw Material Sourcing

Dying & Chemicals

Washing & Chemicals